If you want to pamper your children during the holiday, you should visit a playground where they can run about, play in sand and let the steam off. Several up-to-date and safe playgrounds are waiting for the children in Eger. In the list such peculiarities can be found, like a traffic playground in Tittel Pál street, where about 40 miniature traffic situations have been created so that children can learn the basic rules of the Highway-code by roller or bicycle in a playful way. The map below shows the major playgrounds of Eger.


  • Érsekkerti playground
  • Gólya utca playground
  • Erzsébet udvari playground
  • Agria Par decorative garden playground
  • Tűzoltó Múzeum garden 
  • Felnémeti playground 
  • Tittel Pál traffic playground

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