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Street-musicians Festival

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Imagine a pulsing, partying Mediterranean town, this is Eger during the Street-musician festival!

50-60 bands with at least 150-200 musicians in the streets and squares of the historic city.  Festival feeling at beautiful setting!          

Street-musician festival is about freedom and life-affirmation. Just walk around the city centre and stop at the musician you enjoy listening to, or at the venue where you would like to listen to... The bands get changed and while sitting in somewhere and having lunch or drinking a glass of wine, you can listen to two-three performances.

The musicians can be appreciated with the tokens given by the restaurants. Drop a token in the hat of the best-liked musician, maybe he will be the winner at the end of the competition! Meanwhile you can feel as if doing the best work in the world, since no board-member has had better task than this!

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