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Cave trip at the Esztáz stone


Phone number +36 36 / 411 581 (131 extension)

Although Esztáz-kő cave is little, it is full of spectacular stalactite lime stones. The cave is 3.5 kms away from Felsőtárkány, can be found in Gyetra valley. 

Approach: On foot from Felsőtárkány it is 1 hour light walk, or by bicycle in 20 minutes. A stoned road  goes to the cave easily ridable by bicycle in a wonderful scenery.

Visiting the cave is possible upon previous registration and with professional guiding; a shorter, lighter and a longer, medium difficult tour can be chosen from. Basic equipment (overall, helmet, torch) is provided by Bükk National Park.  

Minimum number: 5 persons, time needed: 25 minutes

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