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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

Dr. István Bárány Sports Pool

The swimming pool is named after István Bárány of Eger, who won a silver medal as the best European competitor in the 100-meter freestyle at the 1928 Olympics.

Hungary's first swimming pool

Eger has always been at the forefront of water sports. On the site of the Dr. Bárány István Sports Swimming Pool, there has been such a facility since 1925, it is interesting that this was the first 50-meter swimming pool in the country! In fact, it was the first competition pool in all of Europe that was fed by spring water. The swimming pool featured technical and engineering solutions well ahead of its time, it was a real treasure in Eger. Many elements of the old swimming pool can still be seen today.


Fountain in the swimming pool

The courtyard of the swimming pool used to be decorated with a beautiful fountain. It has since been demolished during a previous reconstruction, but an exact copy can still be found in the middle of the nearby Érsekkert.


Gravel bed at the bottom of the pool

Two-thirds of the bottom of the competition pool is still gravel today, the reason for this is that the pool's water comes directly from underground, from its own thermal spring. This is not the only such solution in Eger! You can also find such special gravel pools in the Turkish Bath and the Thermal Bath.

Contemporary architectural masterpieces!

The Bárány Swimming Pool is a place in the noblest sense of the word: it becomes so because of the stories and events attached to it. One of the designers, Péter Dajka, wrote a report on the transformation of the Bárány swimming pool in Eger.


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