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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

The legendary post office of Eger


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There is a good story about even the post office in Eger

Post station has been working in Eger since 19th December 1550.  The early date was thanks to the presence of the Turks, since this way it was possible to keep contact with Pozsony (Bratislava), the capital city of Hungary at that time. The third regular postal coach of the country started to function when the post station was opened in Eger, this way the town was a pioneer in communications in the past as well.

The building of the post has preserved relics up to now, the windows are protected by bars shaping postal horns, and the name plate shows a delicately formed post coach. The building was built in 1928 and has preserved its original function, this is Eger 1. post office. It is the biggest post office in the town, though starting to grow out of its frame, now it is working on the ground floor of the neighbouring building as well.

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