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Eger Turisztikai Honlapja

By bike to Egerszalók

The cycle path that crosses Eger in a north-south direction does not end at the city limits! While in the north we can continue in the direction of Felsőtárkány, while in the south we can cycle towards Egerszalók on a safe bicycle lane separated from the highway.

The southern cycle path in the valley takes us 5 km from the border of Eger to the salt hill in Egerszalók. The road ends at the hotel's parking lot, but not far from here we can also reach another cycle path, now heading to Demjén. If we still have the strength, it's worth continuing on!

The bike path leading to Egerszalók is safe and ideal for families. Although we have to prepare for a significant difference in level, which the smaller and less trained may not be able to overcome right away, there is no problem, let's get off and push our bikes over the top of the hill! Instead, we can drive almost the entire way back to Eger without a drive, which is a really great experience!

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