MASTERS International Dressage Competition

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The covered equestrian center of the Lipicai Equestrian Center in Szilvásvárad, handed over in 2016, hosts the dressage competition of the international competition series named SZILVÁSVÁRAD MASTERS.

The equestrian center is one of the few racetracks in the world that can serve all disciplines of equestrian sports in one place. The race track of the world-class covered equestrian center is 70 x 30 m in size, and the grandstand has nearly a thousand seats. The race track with flexible soil mixed with geotextile is connected by a covered corridor to the warm-up track, which has the same soil as the race track.

The competition provides an opportunity for qualification and preparation for this year's continental championship in all age groups. The performance of the starting dressage riders is evaluated by Olympic and international 4* and 5* competition judges.

Our goal is to place the Szilvásvárad Masters on the stage of the international dressage elite. The Lipicai Equestrian Center is ready to create legends among dressage riders on its track.

Price per person: 1,500 HUF


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