Budapest International Documentary Festival

From January 22 to 30 2022, as part of the 8th edition of BIDF – The Budapest International Documentary Festival – the world’s freshest, internationally acclaimed feature-length documentaries will delight moviegoers in Eger as well.

The festival’s theme for this year is BRAVE MOVIES
Cinema Agria Pláza is proud to present 6 films from the international competition:

The Storkman
Rendező / Director: Tomislav Jelinčić (Horvátország / Croatia, Olaszország / Italy, 2020, '76)

Children of the Mist
Director: Ha Le Diem (Vietnam, 2021, '90)

Raise the Bar
Director: Gudjon Ragnarsson (Iceland, Finland, 2020, '70)

Director: Jonas Poher Rasmussen (Denmark, France, Sweden,Norway, 2021, '86)

Inside the Red Brick Wall
Director: Hong Kong Documentary Filmmakers (Hongkong, 2020, '88)

Ascension |
Director: Jessica Kingdon ( United States of America / USA 2021 , '97)

All movies are screened in their original language with ENGLISH and HUNGARIAN subtitles.

In 2022, documentary lovers will be able to choose from 200 screenings of almost 50 movies over more than a week in Budapest (at Cinema City Mammut) and 10 major cities across Hungary, including Eger!

The prizes of the 8th Budapest International Documentary Festival will be awarded by a jury of respected luminaries and creators from Hungary and abroad like Róbert Alföldi, Eszter Csákányi, Roland Vranik and many others.

BIDF national event on Facebook:

Cinema reserves the right to change the programme and schedule.

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