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Viewpoints in Eger

Eger is beautiful everywhere. Choose from the listed locations and admire the city from above!

Magic Tower - Panorama Terrace

The Panorama Terrace can be visited in the Magic Tower, which is located at a height of 44 meters from Eger street level. It can be a perfect tourist destination if someone is willing to climb the 314 steps leading up to it. From here, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city center built in Baroque style, and the charm of this is enhanced even more by the binoculars overlooking the city. Go to the Magic Tower data sheet. Look around in this panorama!


Egri minaret

The height of the minaret is 40 meters and it belonged to the former Kethuda mosque. Its construction can be dated around 1596, but its peak was reached in 1896. Its balcony, which is reached by 98 steps, provides a charming view. The XVII. the northernmost architectural monument of Turkish origin in the 19th century. Continue to Minaret's data sheet. 


Egri castle - Kálvária hill

This is the highest point within the fortress. We can see the city below us, and in the distance we can admire the outstanding mountain peaks of the Bükki National Park. If we manage to catch nice and clear weather, we will even get a view of Kékestető. Unforgettable summer sunsets can be seen from the hill if we are there in lucky weather. In 1828, Archbishop Pyrker established a national pilgrimage site here.

Castle Wall Promenade

The Castle Promenade is a nature trail with 10 stops that stretches along the northern and western castle walls over a 384-meter section. There is a parking lot on the Dobó utca part of the promenade, which occupies a space of 354 m², which is accompanied by an event space. It provides them with a great view, mostly directed towards the center of the city.

Nagy-Eged mountain

To the northeast of Eger's downtown, the Nagy-Eged mountain rises almost like an island from its surroundings. The 536 m high Nagy-Eged is worth a hike, because from the top there is a unique panorama of Eger and Bükk, but on a clear day you can see Mátra and even the sparkling water of Lake Tisza. If we decide to go for the tour, we will reach the top of Mount Eged in less than 2 hours after walking about 5 kilometers and climbing 400 meters on the red lane tourist sign starting from the Egervár train station. If someone feels that there is a lot of back and forth, a total of 10 kilometers and wants to get up to Mount Eged by a slightly shorter route, there is no need to despair either, because the buses going to Noszvaj will take you to the stop called Csomóstanya - i.e. to the bottom of Mount Eged - you can travel and from here it is only 2 kilometers to the top of the mountain. The road leading up to the mountain leads to one of the most magical karst bush forests of Bükk, which "glows" fiery red in autumn thanks to its orange-scented tansy. The abundance of vines climbing up the southern side of the mountain, which is the country's highest grape-growing area, offers a similarly beautiful sight in autumn. 

Bérc street

Eger's legendary viewpoint. It is certainly not easy to find the quiet, narrow street without a map, but if you have one, you will definitely be satisfied with the view. The city lies at our feet, you can take beautiful, postcard-worthy photos from here!

Saint Donat statue

Saint Donat is the patron saint of many wine regions, to whom winemakers in Eger pray to avoid hail. Let's visit the statue on the outskirts of the city and watch a picturesque sunset from here!

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