Winter Gastronomic Tour in Eger

We invite you to a special gastronomic adventure!

Taste the flavors of Eger and take part in our game for a gift book! On this page we have collected the seasonal delicacies of Eger. (Rules HU)

Game details

You can collect points by tasting food and drinks! Below you will find how many points the products worth. In order to get the book "Eger Wine", you need to collect at least 5 points. Simple and delicious task, right?!

All you have to do is:

  1. Order from the products participating in the Gastronomic Tour
  2. Take a photo of the product and upload the image publicly to Facebook or Instagram
    • mark the restaurant/bar/cafe as the location
    • use these hashtags: #eger #visiteger #teligastrotura
  3. If you have collected at least 5 points with the photos, come to the Tourinform office and show us the photos

When you show us the photos, we’re already giving you your gift book! The game runs until January 2, and you can redeem your points until January 8.

Winter Gastronomic Tour offer