Open-air cellar festival of Eger: Vintage

The three-day programme offers up-to-date chilling out, yet preserving old traditions. The vintage combines traditional elements with fresh, youngish solutions both in its images and gastronomy offer. Visitors, families are expected for stage shows, concerts, handcraft fair, children programmes, authentic skills playground while tasting local wines, and special dishes. The cellars welcome guests with colourful, exciting vintage games and selfie points, Gems of the Seklers – folkart fair,tasting traditional dishes.

Friday, 21.September

  • 16.00    Vintage in the focus – Valley park
  • 20.00    Kft Band concert - Márai Centre Open-air stage

Saturday, 22. September

  • 10:30    Vintage procession with tractors from Dobó square to the Valley of the Beautiful Woman
  • 11:30    Opening ceremony – Valley park stage
  • 11:50    Opening of „Gems of the Seklers” programmes with representatives of Seklers Land, and Heves-, Kovászna- and Hargita counties.
  • 12:15 – 14:00   Agyagbanda concert and welcoming march in the Valley of the Beautiful Woman
  • 14:00 – 17:00    Folkart programmes of sister settlements in Seklers Land and Hungary
  • 18:00  Hot Jazz Band concert - Valley park stage
  • 19:00 Vintage feast with Mary Nótár - Márai Centre Open-air stage

Sunday, 23. September

  • 10.00    Children performance of Csodamalom Puppet Theatre: Tales of Pom Pom– Valley park stage
  • 12:00 – Common gala performance of folkdance groups of Eger - Lajtha László Folkdance group, Szederinda Folkdance group, Csillagszeműek - Márai Centre Open-air stage

Other programmes at the weekend:

  • Gastronomy offer: traditional flavours, re-created dishes
  • Traditional folk playground
  • Vintage games and selfie points in the cellars
  • Fair of handcraft masters of Heves county
  • Introduction stalls of settlements of Sekler Land and Heves County


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