Wine - Gastronomy events

As many bottles of wine there are in Eger as much wine and gastronomical events there are here, too.

The year starts with Egri Csillag (Star of Eger) weekend then all the summer there are events with local wine tastings. On the second weekend of July 2 there is Bikavér (Bull's Blood) Wine Celebration situated in Archbishop's garden. In autumn the Valley hosts the Harvest festival and at Advent street food, mulled wine, punch and other delicacies spice up the celebrational preparations.

On this page we have collected the most important wine and gastronomic events of the city. See what other festivals are waiting for you in Eger!

What current programs are there in Eger now?

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Agria Park Bevásárlóközpont, Eger 3300, Törvényház utca 4.