Heroes' hall

Heroes' Hall on the ground floor of the castle palace  used to be the a gloomy place in the castle, it was a chapel, but also a prison later, the drawings of the prisoners can still be seen on the wall.

The room is dominated by the tomb of István Dobó, surrounded by huge hero-statues, as if guarding the memory of the captain. However, the tomb is empty, since István Dobó was buried in Dobóruszka, now in Slovakia, on his family estates. Yet, even though being empty, the tomb pays tribute to the gratest hero of Eger. And something else: the relief on the cover is the only valid description of the captain. Believe or not, this height was considered over the average at that time! 

Have a look at the list of names opposite, they were the heroes taking part in the siege, though the list is not complete. The biggest power may have had housekeeper Imre, whose keys opened the wine cellar of the castle - it was him who measured the wine for the people.

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