Gothic Bishop's palace

The Gothic Bishop's Palace is the only building within the walls which existed already in the 16th century, it used to be the headquarters where István Dobó planned the strategy of the heroic fight in 1552.

Although the building faces the yard of the castle, it has windows on its western side as well from where the Turkish army could be detected. A fearful sight may have opened to the soldiers of Eger, it may have been similar to the one now, but the valley was full of Turkish tents instead of houses. The Turks must have known about their dominant outlook, they also tried to make use of it: they shouted something frightening into the castle every evening, pressing the soldiers of Eger, that such overpower cannot be defeated, so they should give themselves up, then can stay alive. It cannot have been very relaxing for the soldiers to fall asleep to it every night.

Due to this sight various estimates were born about the number of the enemy, since the locals only knew that wherever they saw there were Turkish tents. They did not have information how far the camps were stretching over the hilltop.  In reality the Turkish camp was not much wider than what they could see, however, the camp stretched all the more longer to the south, where the carriages of the soldiers were standing even at Füzesabony, about 15 km from the castle.

In the Palace having Gothic and Renaissance features exhibitions can be seen, Heroes' Hall on the ground floor, upstairs an exhibition showing the history of the castle is worth seeing.

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