Prison exhibition

Prison exhibition is situated in two cellars of the castle. More qiete things used to happen here when the cellars were used by the bakery and the granary above them. It is not easy to walk down the high steps, but while descending, imagine that some hundred years ago lower peple than us nowadays walked down these steps carrying heavy sacks full of wheat on their backs.

The two wings of the cellar are based on two topics: in the first section you can inspect tools of humiliation and amputation. The creativity is fascinating in a way how people could be mentally and physically ruined in the past. It was enough to steal a chicken and the offender could expect to be put in the stocks, his eye be put out or perhaps his tongue be cut out. Prison Exhibition shows these not really human but even more practical tools for those interested.

In the back wing of the cellar you can get acquainted with the world of execution, fortunately just theoretically. Take a glimps in the long sharply carved-ended pales and you can imagine what they were used for in the past. You can also imagine it, if you just think, that sometimes executioners did not have opportunity to maximize their craftsmanship, so it happened that the impaled person was livin for days until finally died of hunger. You can descend down into this fascinating world and then get back to the surface with the gratifying feeling that we were still born in a good era.

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