Márai Adventure Park in Szépasszony-valley


Normal 450 HUF/person
Group 350 HUF/person (from 10 person), 300 HUF/person (from 20 person)

Adventure Park in Szépasszony-valley (Valley of the Beautiful Woman)

The play-park is situated on a slope of  Szépasszony-valley (Valley of the Beautiful Woman). The play-places are on 3 levels, connected to each other, on the slope. A serpentine-like staircase like a forest trail, including some resting places, goes up to the park. Those arriving here are waited by a resting place and a meeting place with picknick tables and bicycle storage at the bottom of the hill. The first level is for the smallest ones.

The roped swing is the favourite playing- and resting place of the 3-8 year old children from among the 14 tools. On the wide slide and in the tunnel several under 3 children can play safe at the same time.

The little rope-bridge is a challenge for the older ones (5-12 years old) where they have to find the balance as well while climbing. Anyway, the climbing bridge connects the playgrounds on the different levels.

On the second level there is a rope weaving swing making playing together possible. The highest level with its labyrinth is waiting for those wanting to hike.

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