The secret underground system

Casemates is the secret underground system of Eger Catle which played dominant role in defeating the Turkish army in the siege in 1552.  

Casemates exhibition reveals a mysterious and exciting face of Eger castle to visitors. Casemates is the name of an underground tunnel system built in the 1570s aiming to help soldiers move safe between the bastions. The soldiers also detected mines in the corridors which also played important role in Géza Gárdonyi's novel: Stars of Eger (Eclipse of the Crescent Moon).

You can get into the Casemates via Dark Gates.  First you get to the spacious barracks where stone fragments of the old cathedral can be seen.  The exhibition offers an exciting time-travel if you let yourself be tempted: just think it over, these stones experienced the fights in 1552! Captain Dobó may have looked out of the window which can be seen in the exhibition or imagine the Turkish soldiers behind the bars of the window!

Stars of Eger (Eclipse of the Crescent Moon) - novel and reality 

Walking on in the casemates system you can get to exhibition: Stars of Eger (Eclipse of the Crescent Moon) - novel and reality, however, first you have to get upstairs so that you can get down again underground. Isn't the construction of the castle wonderful? The exhibition shows the book and the peculiarities of the siege in interactive way. You can listen to the oath by captain Dobó himself, you can examine a divided bomb and understand its activity and once it is done you can also explode one! Of course you can do it just virtually, however, it is great experience, too. Looking around carefully you can even find the ring of Jumurdzsák, the Turk.  Look around the place, you are surrounded by several-metre thich walls, with some fantasy you can imagine Hungarian soldiers defending the castle of Eger in the corridors!


Take a jumper or some warm cloths because it is quite cool (12 oC) in the casemates even in the middle of summer!

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