Outdoor fitness

Staying fit in Eger

You can use free the outdoor fitness park in  Egri Cifrakapu street, near Nemzedékek square.  In the shady park motion is joyful even in summer heatwave.     

You can try the following machines:  

SURF AND STEP: To develop waist and leg muscles, to strengthen flexibility and agility around the waist   

RIDING: To enhance heart- and lungs capacity by moving limbs, to strengthen muscles in the legs and chest   

MOVING WAIST: To develop waist- and hip muscles, to improve flexibility and speed at the waist. Excellent shape contourer.  

ELLIPTIC WALKER: To develop and strengthen the joints in all the body, enhances heart- and lungs capacity.  Ensures intensive motion, this way excellent shape contourer by burning fat.      

LEG STRENGTHENER: To develop muscles and joint stability of lower limbs, to ease rheumatic joint inflammations and sciatica.

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