Rossztemplom Gallery

It is neither bad nor a church, yet the name is Rossztemplom (Bad Church) ;)

The building named by the locals just "Rossztemplom" (Bad Church) can be found at the end of Trinitárius street. The name luckily does not concern the state of the building, but its background history. The impressive house was started to be built a church in 1719, however, it had its original function just for a short time, it is used as a gallery nowadays.            

Trinitary order started to build the building to be their church, but the work went slowly already from the beginning. 1763 was dominant since the works were still going on when a firecase caused serious problems in the building. After the tragedy the members of the order did the necessary renovations though, however, the church never got back its towers afterwards, it can be seen without them nowadays as well.  

The first ceremonial mass after the inferno was in 1771, however, the Trinity monks could not enjoy their church for a long time, since 13 years later the whole of the order was dismissed in Hungary by Joseph II. According to the decision the church had to be given over evacuated to the would-be Royal Salt-Office. The building had several functions afterwards. It was used for military purposes, as a warehouse, it was even a church during the construction of the Basilica, later it became a cinema, a theatre, even a disco.  At present it functions as a gallery, with great success: since it is a unique space for exhibiting big-size works of art.

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