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Cafe Jardin (EN)


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Email info.servitaudvarhaz@gmail.com
Telefon +36 36 891 694

An island of tranquility in the downtown of Eger

Harmony, love, friendship, fun, sunshine, laughter, Cafe Jardin...

A place in the center of Eger, yet far from the noise and hustle and bustle. A place where you can look at the top of the minaret in a comfortable armchair or lying on the grass. A place where mother and daughter discuss their problems over a good latte and a gourmet cookie. A place where father and son discuss life's great things over a beer. A place where friends and families meet. A place where you feel good.

In Eger, the Cafe Jardin coffee house, pastry shop and bar is located in the Servita Udvarház. From 8 a.m., we start the day with a buffet or a'la carte breakfast, and not only for our hotel guests! But you can stop by for a good espresso, latte or other seasonal coffee specialty. However, from 11 a.m., the specialties of the nationally known and recognized G&D patisserie will be on offer, coffee canaan, lemonades, alcoholic drink specialties, fine local wines, Czech light pils on tap, Belgian sour beer, and the list goes on.

This is Cafe Jardin.

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